International Women's Day & Post-2015

This data visualization took "the Post-2015 pulse" during International Women's Day and CSW in 2014. The left hand side of the chart was generated by any tweet that touched upon the 16 topics from the MY World survey, while the right-hand side did the same for tweets that also included key IWD and CSW hashtags and phrases (#IWD, #IWD2014, #DíadelaMujer, #Journéedelafemme, #DiadaMulher, #HeforShe, International Women's Day, International Womens Day, Día de la Mujer, Journée de la femme, Journée internationale de la femme, "Dia Internacional da Mulher, "Dia da Mulher", #CSW, #CSW2014, #CSW58).

By filtering all tweets sent each day worldwide, using a taxonomy of 25,000 keywords in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, the process identified 300,000 relevant tweets per day during International Women's Day and CSW 2014. Find more background and more data visualizations about Post-2015 conversations on Twitter on

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The most popular tweets about CSW and a MY World topic.